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Kavarna Lucerna

Overlooking the strange and the fantastic hanging St. Wenceslas sculpture on his upside down dead horse by the one and only controversial Czech artist, David Cerny, you will find the intriguing Lucerna Café. Situated in the intricate Lucerna Passage, the café is a welcome spot to stop and take in the special architectural charms of the Art Nouveau passage on your way through New Town. The spacious café features an array of drinks including coffee, cocktails and beer, snacks and enough ambiance to keep you going back time and time again, plus live music on the weekends. As the café is located off the double staircase on the way to Lucerna cinema, it is also the perfect place to discuss the movie afterwards.


Štěpánská 61, Praha 1, +420 296 236 233, www.lucerna.cz



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