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CottoCrudo at the Four Seasons

If you wish to taste delectable and authentic Italian fare in a modern and sleek setting, head to CottoCrudo at the Four Seasons Hotel Praha! CottoCrudo is an exciting new Italian eatery where you can sample not only the best of Italy’s culinary cooked offerings but also a lovely offering of high quality cold Italian treats. . At CottoCrudo Executive Chef Leonardo Di Clemente puts special emphasis on seasonal, fresh and high quality ingredients and successfully recreates delicious and authentic Italian cuisine. The restaurant features a crudo, or raw, bar where diners can choose from the restaurant’s mozzarella bar, a salami and prosciutto tower, freshly baked bread and more, all of which go perfectly with CottoCrudo’s extensive wine list (which consists of over 360 labels). The raw bar also includes a tasty selection of fresh seafood that will leave your mouth watering. The seafood is prepared directly in front of you by experienced chefs as an Italian take on traditional sashimi and includes tuna, lobster, scallops and oysters. The main menu at CottoCrudo is simply put, unpretentious and authentic. If you are searching for tasty, fresh Italian food, whether it be hot or cold, CottoCrudo is where you will find it. CottoCrudo - where timeless Italian flavors, elegant modern furnishings and an overall fantastic atmosphere rule!

Veleslavinova 1098/2a, Praha 1, +420 221 426 880,


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