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Experience good, honest gourmet food in a comfortable, urban setting in the heart of Prague. The city’s culinary obsession is rightly justified with Sansho, a lovely comfortable eatery in the city center that combines fantastic and funky Asian cuisine with a simple, unpretentious interior and warm atmosphere. The restaurant is the brainchild of Head Chef Paul Day, an experienced chef that gained South East Asian food experience in London’s Chinatown where he also was taught basics of Cantonese cooking such as how to use a wok properly and how to roast a duck. His vast experience and knowledge is also due to working in the kitchen at Mezzo in London and being Sous Chef at Nobu Old Park Lane. Day’s experience definitely shines through in Sansho’s intriguing and mouth watering dishes that you can sample with their kitchen or dinner sampling menu that is constantly changing based on high quality produce that is in season. Day also makes the most out of locally purchased herbs from the city’s Vietnamese population, herbs that will be expertly paired with delectable meats that will awaken your sleepy taste buds like never before. It is also interesting to note that Sansho serves delicious pork from the Sasov Biofarm that is operated by Josef Sklenar. The Presticke prase pork is a heritage Czech breed that is known for it’s tender cuts and fantastic taste. Sansho is furnished with long wooden tables and wooden benches, white walls with retro pin up advertisements from Asia, smaller intimate tables and windows into the kitchen and bar so you can witness the exciting food preparation. The interior is simple and fresh with no trace of pretension, making you feel as though you are in a hip area of Berlin or another large city. The wait staff will be happy to explain each dish to you and will also ask if you have any allergies or what your preferences might be. Based on the massive popularity of this culinary jewel in the rough, it is recommended to make reservations, even for lunch.

Petrská 1170/25, Praha 1, +420 739 592 336, 


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