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Zdenek's Oyster Bar

Zdenek's Oyster Bar that is often considered as the best seafood restaurant in Prague by gourmets, offers specialties from the sea and land. You can taste here several kinds of excellent oysters served on drift ice with various dressings, shrimps, lobsters, crabs and other delicacies prepared under the leadership of chef Jiří Nosek who has gained experience in many renowned Prague restaurants, such as Kampa Park, Alcron and C'est la Vie. Jiří Nosek puts emphasis on simplicity of individual meals and high-quality ingredients. Oysters are supplied to the oyster bar four times a week, so any worries about their freshness are redundant. Oysters are best paired with quality champagne, and luckily the restaurant offers dozens of various kinds, which makes its offer unique among Prague restaurants. The professional and kind staff will gladly assist you with your choice. The regular menu contains several kinds of caviar, plates with various selections of tempting seafood and chef specialties that change every month. The interior of Zdenek's Oyster Bar in Prague's Old Town that is opposite St. James Church is very pleasant and in summer months you can also eat at tables located on the street. Pamper yourself and visit the best oyster bar in Prague that will serve this delicacy for you.

Malá Štupartská 636/5, Praha 1, +420 725 946 250, www.oysterbar.cz  


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