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Casa De Carli

Located in the center of Prague's sought after Old Town, Casa De Carli is home to some of the best Italian cuisine in town. To set it apart from other fine dining Italian establishments, Casa De Carli serves modern Italian fare – the delicious, delectable dishes prepared are simply a rebirth of traditional Italian cuisine! Casa De Carli's philosophy is simple: to provide wonderful high quality fare full of fresh, seasonal ingredients inspired by each Italian region. The menu at Casa De Carli is modern and diverse; the food, which is a unique interpretation of the famous food culture of Italy is prepared by the successful Italian chef, Matteo De Carli. Chef Carli has graced the kitchens of Geneva, the Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin, the Bice Mare Restaurant in Dubai and Cipriani in New York City with his culinary talent. His dedication to cooking paired with Lenka Hermanová's international professionalism with hospitality services packs a powerful punch; it is no wonder that Casa De Carli is ranked among the best restaurants in Prague. Casa De Carli's interior is simply elegant and comfortable, ensuring that with the quality of food and pleasant environment you will return time and time again. Visit Casa De Carli today and experience the best modern Italian that Prague has to offer.

Vězeňská 116/5, Praha 1, +420 224 816 688, 


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