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Piano Nobile | Fine Dining at Chateau Mcely
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Piano Nobile at Chateau Mcely

Situated in Chateau Mcely, a five-star chateau hotel that is gorgeous and eco-chic, Piano Nobile has our vote as the perfect getaway restaurant when you are in need of a ultra-romantic setting. A true fine dining experience awaits at Piano Nobile; the elegant rich interior of the establishment is complemented by a spacious outdoor patio that stylishly decorated - in the warm summer months the setting is simply magical and unforgettable. Pamper your senses with a meal off of the a la carte menu at Piano Nobile – prepared by Chef Jan Štěrba, the seasonal menu items are based on the culinary traditions of the chateau's former owners, the Thurn-Taxis family, as well as on recipes from the Grandmother of the current owners, the Cusumano family. Chef Štěrba and his team of professional cooks also draw inspiration from the whimsy of the surrounding countryside at Chateau Mcely and the Nine Flowers of the St. George Forest. The cuisine at Piano Nobile is traditional, yet modern in its presentation and form. The professional culinary team focuses on creating various types of delicacies that are based on quality raw materials (a large variety of herbs, fruits, and vegetables grown onsite) in order to help you achieve balance in your body and mind. Open seven days a week and open to hotel guests and the general public, Piano Nobile is a top choice for fine dining in the surroundings of Prague. It's also interesting to note that the basement of the chateau is home to the Alchemist Club wine cellar from the 17th century where you can drink a glass of wine, brandy or cognac. Don't miss a superb fine dining experience at Piano Nobile.  

Mcely 61, 289 36 Mcely, +420 325 600 000, www.chateaumcely.cz


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