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Grand Cru Restaurant & Bar

Grand Cru - Prague's premier culinary establishment where you can experience a unique culture of food and wine at a higher level. Located in Old Town and situated in a charming renovated historical house, Grand Cru is both a classy restaurant and wine bar. The restaurant serves up delectable international cuisine by means of dishes made with seasonal top quality ingredients, of course expertly paired with rich wines to create a harmony of flavors; culinary creations are created by renowned chefs, while the wine bar section of Grand Cru offers goodies such as home made pates, lightly smoked cheese and sausage, finished in their own smoke house. Grand Cru boasts more than 1,300 kinds of wine – expertly selected by top Czech sommeliers Patrik Lhotský and Jakub Mestek. It is of interest to note that it is possible to sample such grand wines by the glass due to the fact that the restaurant is the proud owner of an Enomatic wine machine; the wine dispenser keeps uncorked bottles fresh for weeks. Grand Cru offers a lunch menu, a la carte, and an evening menu. If you wish to sample current trends in gastronomy and enjoy the finer things in life, Grand Cru is your go-to Prague food and wine establishment.

Lodecká 4, Praha 1, +420 775 044 076, 


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