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Visit Field Restaurant – a farm-to-fork, one Michelin Star establishment, and sample delectable fresh cuisine in Prague. Situated in the charming Old Town quarter of Prague, Field Restaurant combines a casual yet inviting atmosphere together with high class cuisine and an innovative menu. The culinary goal of the talented chef and staff members at Field is to feed you with excellent food sourced locally from reputable farmers – ensuring that you are aware that the food you are nourishing your body with is of the highest quality. Another goal of this hip restaurant is to heighten your senses while dining – let us not forget that your sense of taste as a visual perception is important too, and Field does a great job of innovative presentations when it comes to their menu items. Speaking of menu items, it is interesting to note that since the menu is drawn up from seasonal items and ingredients, it is always changing; therefore making it the perfect place to become a regular – you will never grow tired of reproduced menu items. The staff members at Field can assist you with favorable pairings of fine wines and food, as well as pairing non-alcoholic beverages made with from a variety of vegetables and fruit together with meals. Field Restaurant was recently labelled as one of the most romantic restaurants in Prague, and with its great atmosphere, delicious fresh food and professional service you can bet that Field will be on the top of your restaurant list for many seasons to come.

U Milosrdných 12, Praha 1, +420 725 170 583, +420 222 316 999,


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