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Coda | Prague Fine Dining
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One of the best Prague fine dining restaurants, Coda restaurant in the Aria Hotel in the heart of Prague in Malá Strana, is an excellent option for those unwilling to compromise on quality when it comes to fine dining. David Šašek, the Chef of Coda, is not willing compromise either. He commonly uses the Sous Vide method of preparing meat under a vacuum which lets the meat retain its original flavors and gives it a unique tenderness; this is attained by warming the meat for a long time (sometimes for more than a day) at relatively low temperatures. The meat prepared in this way is stored, again under vacuum, and then finished just a few minutes before being served. If this sounds at all interesting to you and perhaps reminds you more of a chemistry lab than a kitchen, you might also be interested to know that Šašek also employs some of the methods of molecular gastronomy in which scientific results are used to provide you with an exceptional dining experience. It is also worth noting that the chef refuses to let any culinary tradition or convention impose limits on his imagination and vision. Instead he puts great emphasis on the freshness and quality of the ingredients. In Coda restaurant you can enjoy all these culinary delights accompanied by wine specifically chosen to complement your meal in a stylish Art Deco interior or on the gorgeous terrace with its spectacular view of Prague Castle and Mala Strana (Lesser Town). This beautifully located restaurant is living proof that cold science does not have to contradict passion and affection for great food. In Coda, as a matter of fact, the opposite is true, the combination of extraordinary and scientific cooking methods, fresh ingredients, and a unique culinary vision results in an extremely enjoyable dining experience. The music themes of the boutique Aria Hotel, of which Coda is a part, are reflected in the unique selection of music and musical performances in the restaurant, as well as in the unique music-themed caricatures by Josef Blecha depicted on Coda's plates.

 Photos: Dolce Vita

Tržiště 9, Praha 1, +420-225-334-761,


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