Hostinec u Tunelu

Craving traditional Czech food and excellent draught beer? If so, head to Karlín's u Tunelu. Located in the city's new trendy culinary neighborhood, which is just a short tram ride / walk away from touristy Old Town, this bustling restaurant serves up delicious, hearty Czech cuisine. Situated on a picturesque street corner, next to the long pedestrian tunnel that connects Karlín to Zizkov in a lovely Art Nouveau building, u Tunelu is very popular with locals due to its great food and beer and overall pleasant atmosphere. The interior is old fashioned yet contemporary – the overall starkness gives it a modern, sleek feeling, but the usage of wood elements, dark, earthy colors, Bohemia chinaware (the ever-popular blue & white Onion pattern), etc. lend it a more traditional Czech air. Hungry for your grandmother's dishes? This is the place to go. U Tunelu serves up what you would expect from a classic Czech pub/restaurant – hearty meaty meals, tasty beer on draught, and more. Pop into u Tunelu for a business lunch, or for dinner / drinks at night – this beer house/restaurant is packed at night, a true testament to the quality of their food, drinks, and service. If you are looking for some authentic Czech fare – think saucy, meaty meals and golden beer – don't miss u Tunelu in Prague's Karlín.

Thámova 1, Praha 8, +420 224 815 801,  

Address: Thámova 1, Praha 8

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