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Le Caveau French Wine & Cheese Shop

Located in the residential area of Zizkov in Prague is Le Caveau a combined wine and cheese shop with an intimate wine tasting area. Le Caveau, a family operated company aims to import quality international wines at affordable prices, which is exactly what you will find at Le Caveau. Le Caveau specializes in top quality French wines, all of which are tasted by a viticulturist before the final purchase. A large portion of the French wines available at Le Caveau are imported from the Lamblin & Fils family operated wine company, a company which dates back to the year 1620. Lamblin & Fils belongs to the greatest wine producers of the Chablis region having a long tradition of wine producing with various international awards decorating their vineyard’s shelves. Nothing is paired better with the drink of the gods than cheese and Le Caveau is proud to present a large variety of fine French cheeses including fresh goat, sheep and cow farm cheeses and mature hard cheeses (Epoisse, Comté, Beaufort, Chaource, Selles sur Cher, Roquefort, etc.). Le Caveau also has on offer a mouthwatering selection of foie gras, moussinetes, terrines, truffle and olive oils, mustard and wine vinegars. Le Caveau engages in the wholesale of wine for hotels and restaurants as well as other wine sellers in Prague and can also arrange wine caterings with tastings. The interior of the wine shop also features a gallery with temporary wall art, which can be purchased. Be sure to check out the Le Caveau Wineshop and Cafe in Prague's popular Vinohrady area, where you can relax in the friendly, quaint cafe while sipping some of the best French wine in Prague and indulge in a sandwich or other treat made with Le Caveau's excellent cheeses or other products. This vegetarian-friendly cafe offers air-conditioned indoor seating, or outdoor seating looking out on Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad, in the summer, and a cozy warm atmosphere in winter.

Husinecká 3, Praha 3, +420 777 164 184, +420 777 164 083. Cafe: Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad 9, Praha 3, +420 775 294 864,


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