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Potrefená Husa-Dejvice

Located in Prague 6 is the Potrefená Husa-Dejvice. The second of the Potrefená Husa chain to open in Prague, the establishment of the restaurant is proof of the excellence of food, service and ambiance that the Husa name guarantees. The fully air-conditioned restaurant with free Wi-Fi is situated close to the wide avenues of Vítězné Náměstí on the corners of Terronská and Verdunská streets, the restaurant is situated in the same place where the famous Orlík beer hall used to be, a beer hall with a longtime tradition of hospitality and fun. Potrefená Husa-Dejvice offers its guests an extensive range of draught and bottled beers, some of the highlights including Staropramen Granát, Stella Artois and Hoegaarden. The menu includes carefully chosen dishes that will appeal to food lovers and critics alike, some of the tasty creations include the hearty Potato Soup-made from a traditional Czech recipe; finger-licking Fried Chicken Wings (Buffalo, blue cheese or Sweet Wings) and the juicy Flank Steak served with onions and peppers. The unique interior features a ceiling made from beer bottles and an unpolished metal sheet bar; the capacity of the restaurant is 100 people. Potrefená Husa-Dejvice is a sound choice for a tasty meal, delicious beverages and a friendly bustling atmosphere; in fact Potrefená Husa-Dejvice is your best bet for excellence in Dejvice! As some extra bonuses, Potrefená Husa-Dejvice features a patio for al fresco summer dining (capacity 15) and the staff speak English, Italian, German and Russian. A non-smoking section is available throughout opening hours and a children’s menu is available on weekends. Check out the other two branches: Potrefena Husa-Vinohrady and Potrefena Husa-Pankrac.


Terronská 11/Verdunská 23, Praha 6, +420 233 341 022, www.potrefene-husy.cz/en/potrefena-husa-praha-dejvice


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