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In the quiet residential street of Plaska is the charming Café Lounge at the Hunger Wall Residence, a warm and lovely café and restaurant where you can easily spend hours sipping gorgeous international and Czech wines and tasting delicious starters and tapas, hot savory soups, fresh crisp salads, and hearty sandwiches. Café Lounge features a perfect Caesar Salad with a unique and delicious twist, it is served with pieces of grilled chicken marinated with oranges. Café Lounge’s delectable sandwich selection includes favorites such as their delightful corn bread sandwich with grilled vegetables with goat cheese and rocket, or the bagel sandwich with smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion and capers. The menu is quite extensive and offers children’s meals as well as desserts; finish off your tasty meal with a bowl of rich creamy homemade vanilla ice cream with roasted almonds and cherry sauce, and an award-winning cup of coffee! Cafe Lounge is famous for their excellent coffee, sourced from Union Hand-Roasted Coffee from London, as well as local artisan roasters, and we highly recommend that you sample their coffee of the week. The rich welcoming interior is a cozy blend of wood and leather with elegant framed art and a neutral color scheme backed by soft lighting. After a splendid afternoon of sampling the menu, head to the back of the Café Lounge with a cup of coffee and contemplate history staring straight back at you in the form of the Hunger Wall. King Charles IV commissioned the Hunger Wall, which was built by serfs for loaves of bread, in order to protect the precious castle and its grounds; fortunately a large renovated fragment of the wall still exists in the Hunger Wall Residence’s backyard. Operated by a friendly staff and a spectacular chef, Michal Skuhrovec - you will definitely be hearing about Café Lounge in the culinary circle of Prague, for Café Lounge combines an elegant interior with fresh, mouth-watering food, excellent service and the highest quality coffee and drinks.

Café Lounge won Best Cafe of the Year 2010 in the Czech Bar Awards, in 2011 they were voted Prague's Best Cafe by the Prague Post Editors, and they are a proud member of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe through which the head barista at Café Lounge is the 2012 Czech National Champion Barista, Adam Neubauer.

 Plaská 615/8, Praha 5, +420 257 404 020,

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Address: Plaska 615/8, Praha 5

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