Tapas Bar

On a quiet street in Mala Strana you will find a teeny tiny establishment that during the winter months, seats only a handful of people, but in the summertime offers outdoor dining with a romantic candlelit atmosphere. This establishment is so intimate and so perfect we cannot stress how elegant it is. The interior features pretty green and white tiles, a crystal chandelier, wooden furniture, mirrors, a glass case full of fresh tasty tapas and bottles of champagne lining the countertops. The Tapas Bar offers fresh and delicious vegetable tapas, delightful seafood, and many more delicacies. This small Tapas Bar is quite popular, so it is recommended that you call ahead and make reservations. 

Photos: Dolce Vita

Všehrdova 7, Praha 1, +420 724 201 209.

Address: Všehrdova 7, Praha 1

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