King Solomon Glatt Kosher Restaurant

Located in the gorgeous Jewish Quarter of Prague is King Solomon Restaurant, the oldest kosher restaurant in the city. King Solomon Restaurant offers the very best of traditional Jewish cuisine from central and Eastern Europe and is proud to feature only the highest quality ingredients and meats, many of which are also bio that adhere to the strict kosher diet (kosher certificate available for viewing online). King Solomon Restaurant uses local Czech breeders for veal, fallow deer, lamb, and mouflon meat, while poultry is imported from the top breeders in France and Austria. After serving quality kosher food to tourists and locals alike for over ten years, King Solomon Restaurant has secured a trusted and top culinary reputation in the city of Prague and continues to impress the palettes of all with their excellent kosher cuisine. We recommend the Carp Pâté with fresh grated horseradish, beetroot, and honey for a cold starter, the Gold Feast Chicken Broth with fine Matzoh balls to follow, and the Baked Duckling Drumstick with schollet and sautéed cabbage or the Sage-Marinated Lamb Saddle with pear purée and croquet as a main meal, topped off by the Apple Strudel for a sweet finish. The restaurant is proud to have been fully non-smoking for over 10 years, allowing guests to fully savor the delicious flavors of the food. The wine list is extensive and features wines from all over the world including the Bordeaux and Burgundy regions, Australia, Chile, South Africa and Napa Valley. The finest collection of wine comes from small independent vineyards in Israel, Spain and Portugal. The Baron Aaron Günsberger`s label represents the restaurant’s own line and can be purchased exclusively at King Solomon Restaurant. King Solomon Restaurant also operates a kosher deli and bakery and offers top services including kosher catering, take-out services, cooking classes, lectures, Shabbat services, and tours of the Jewish Quarter in Hebrew and English.  

Široká 7/37, Praha 1, +420 420 224 818 752, 

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Address: Široká 7/37, Praha 1

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