Ganga Indian Restaurant

Located in the up-and-coming area of Prague 5, is Ganga Indian Restaurant. Owned and operated by an Indian and Czech couple, Ganga is their first culinary adventure and simply put, is capable of taking them far. Saravanan and Andrea met while working in the USA for a cruise line company and shared a common interest in their way of life and also delicious vegetarian food. Their similar interests and want of healthy tasty food led them to open Ganga Indian Restaurant in Prague. Named after the Ganges River, which is known for its purity and divinity, Ganga is the pure embodiment of its name. At Ganga you will find fresh, aromatic and flavorful authentic Indian food that is well balanced in nutrition and is not only good for your body but also for your soul, a vegetarian establishment that Prague surely needs! We recommend the following delicious delicacies from the amazing country of India: the Chettinadu Vegetable Curry (A specialty of the Chettinadu region from Tamilnadu – a hot vegetable curry with a mix of more than fourteen exotic spices and coconut milk, served with whole wheat paranthas), the Idli with Vada Curry (Famous South Indian steamed rice and lentil cake served with a delicious chana dal curry, accompanied by tangy tomato chutney) and the Vegetable Puttu with Kadala Curry (Culinary specialty from the beautiful, tropical state of Kerala. A light steamed rice flour, vegetable and fresh coconut wrap served with a full flavored black chickpeas curry). If you wish to sample a wide variety of Indian cuisine, Ganga also offers a buffet where you can try a complete and colorful Indian meal. Apart from fresh fruit and vegetable juices, Magna features special Indian drinks such as Badam Milk, Tandai, Lassi and Jal Jeera.

Pechlatova 25/104, Praha 5, +420 773 664 064, +420 724 918 320, 

Address: Pechlatova 25/104, Praha 5

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