Café Nová Galerie

The exceptional art space of the Nová Galerie (New Gallery), situated in the quarter of Vinohrady, has formed an attractive cafe. The combination of the cafe’s location and unique atmosphere simply encourages you to have lively discussions about art and artists, or with artists themselves. If you visit, you will be able to spend your time over a glass of fine wine or a cup of coffee and, at the same time, in the immediate proximity of the exhibited art works. Officially opened in June 2016, Nová Galerie Cafe has become a sought after social hub, providing its visitors with a perfect, peaceful, yet lively place. Nová Galerie, linked with the cafe, is situated within reach of Náměstí Míru, on Balbínova Street. This independent, modern Prague gallery presents the best of contemporary and modern art with a wisely selected group of Czech art, from artists such as Adam Štech, Jakub Špaňhel, Jiří David, Adam Kašpar and many others. The gallery organizes not only temporary, but also short-term exhibitions, which are often completed with an ample supporting program, including workshops and seminars on art for both adults and children. During 2016, the gallery featured, among others, a collective of four artists, who took part in the exhibition called “The First of Spring,” or “We Come in Peace” – a separate exhibition of art works by professor Martin Maine, an academic painter who has held several dozens of exhibitions, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, and currently leads the Painting Studio of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Nová Galerie organizes also guided tours, for the school and interest groups, as well as for the public. As Nina Hedwic, the founder of the gallery, said, “Nová Galerie is a place in which dreams come true.” Nová Galerie Cafe will, therefore, charm you not only with great wine and coffee, but also with the unique, artistic atmosphere.

Balbínova 26, Praha 2, +420 608 231 209,  

Address: Balbínova 26, Praha 2

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