Double B Coffee & Tea

In case you have a taste for a cup of coffee made from top-quality beans by a super-coordinated team of baristas with international experience - not to mention accolades - stop by any of the Double B Coffee & Tea cafes in Prague. These cafes belong to a worldwide chain of coffee houses that was established in 2012 in Moscow and today comprises more than 75 branch cafes, three of which are located in Prague. From the very start, Anna Tsfasman, the founder and CEO of Double B, has had an ambitious goal – to become one the world's top establishments in the field of coffee roasting, supplying and preparation. The main philosophy of Double B lies in careful control of the coffee in all stages of its existence, from a personal selection of the best farmers from all around the globe to the first processing, transport and roasting. Double B operates its own roasters, one of which is, luckily, situated in Prague. Thanks to that, all the cafes boast truly delicate coffee, which is waiting for you in the form of multifarious coffee beverages as well as in the form of coffee packs available for sale. The Double B staff, super friendly and full of coffee knowledge, will present you with all key information about each of the offered coffees and, more importantly, about the best coffee brewing methods (there is a wide range of brewing equipment available for purchase in the cafes). Double B offers great coffee classics, such as a lungo or cappuccino, coffee brewed by "alternative" methods (drip, aeropress) and a whole array of signature drinks that will surprise at the first sip and charm at the second. These include coffee lemonade, coconut-almond flat white, banana and mint latte, lavender Raf (Russia's favorite coffee drink) and more. Those who are taking a brake from coffee can enjoy quality tea and various lemonades. All beverages served in Double B are made of natural products and do not contain synthetic additives or unnecessary sweeteners. Together with the excellent offer, Double B will win your heart with the professional attitude and skills of the baristas, who, with a slight exaggeration, approach coffee brewing as a scientific process. There is no wonder they celebrate success in worldwide competitions quite regularly – for example, a member of the Double B Czech team, Jan Škeřík won the Barista of the Year 2017 award. Double B cafe is the perfect place for a quick morning coffee, a day spent working, a meeting with friends or colleagues or even a formal meeting. Moreover, it belongs to the coffee places where you can learn more about brewing – in the form of workshops and tastings. What else could you wish for? 

Anglická 15, Praha 2, 28. pluku 3, Praha 10, Bucharova 14, Praha 5, +420 777 581 058, 

Address: Anglická 15, Praha 2 | 28. pluku 3, Praha 10 | Bucharova 14, Praha 5

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